Respect The Hoe, They’re Not All Bad

Yesterday while I was on Twitter a new trending topic came up: #HoesLove and in my opinion it was filled with people who were totally misinformed by “hoes” or were hurt by women they thought were hoes. 


Let’s get one thing straight, not all hoes are actually bad. I may not participate in the lifestyle but I have benefit a lot from a hoe’s activities. Let’s also let it be known that women are not the only hoes and that men are out here performing the same actions and benefiting just as much with far less repercussion. 


Before you badger a hoe, ask yourself what has this hoe done to me? If what she’s doing isn’t hurting anybody, who really cares?  Did a hoe sleep with your man? Yes. Can you blame her or do you blame your man for not respecting your relationship enough to keep his peen in his pants.  Fact is, it’s not a hoe’s job to respect me, it’s my man’s job. In my line of work there are many times that a hoe has been quite useful. Whenever I need to set up interviews with celebrities, a hoe with a hook-up has come to my rescue. It’s not easy going through management and PR to get to an artist. Going through one of his sidepieces on the other hand is simple. 


Do you know how many VIP tables I’ve popped bottles at for free because some hoe was in VIP too? A million. Do you know how many Ballers I’ve become friends with because I knew the hoe he used to smash? A million. I reap the benefits of a necessary part of the circle of life. Hoes loosen men up so that I can get what I want. They laid on their back so that I could walk right over them to get to where I need to get. As long as she’s taking care of her kids and her life, I have nothing to say to her. As long as her hoe ways don’t somehow affect me, I’m A-O.K.


The people who have things against hoes are either misinformed or hoes themselves. A real hoe doesn’t do her dirt anywhere you can see it. She sleeps with men for advancement and gain. If she’s just sleeping around, she’s not a hoe, she’s a smut. Hoe’s get paid. Good hoes aren’t broke and they take pride in what they do. Everyone should have a good hoe friend. One that understands you’re not a hoe, but you tag along for the free ride. A good hoe will accept that. Don’t diss the hoe, get you some more hoe friends!

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