Restaurant In China Apologizes For Weighing Customers In An Effort To Prevent Food Waste

Well, this is something you may have never heard of.

A restaurant in China apologized after they weighed customers in an attempt to prevent food waste.

The restaurant located in the city’s central area asked customers to stand on scales to scan their data into an application that would suggest food choices based off their weight, Agence France Presse reported.

The eatery had signs for customers to be mindful of the National campaign to stop wasting food, which said “be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates” and “operation empty plate.”

Because of the coronavirus and flooding, there has been a shortage of some products. Last month, President Xi Jinping urged citizens last week not to toss excess food, the New York Post reports.

But after receiving backlash on social media about the restaurant’s attempt to adhere to the campaign, they issued an apology on Saturday, saying they are “deeply sorry.”

“Our original intentions were to advocate stopping waste and ordering food in a healthy way. We never forced customers to weigh themselves,” the restaurant said.

It’s possible the restaurant could take reservations for dining and meal orders in advance instead of weighing customers, that way, they’ll know what’s needed and what’s not.

Just an idea.


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