Richard Sherman Blasts NFL For Being Hypocrites

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is unhappy with the NFL over their disciplinary actions he considers to be hypocritical. Sherman’s issues with the NFL in particular are with the way they discipline players for touch down celebrations vs. things like domestic violence.


In an essay titled “Common Sense,” for the Players’ Tribune, Sherman writes, “The NFL is enforcing a policy against celebration. Against joy. Against fun. It’s something I know a lot of players are frustrated with, and it appears that fans may be as well. Now, the league is reaping what it has sown.”


Richard Sherman then brings up Josh Brown and the debacle surrounding his domestic violence allegations. “But then, when Giants kicker Josh Brown was recently found to be in violation of that policy, the NFL suspended him for just one game.”


“Which is really just another example of the inconsistency — and to a degree, the hypocrisy — of the NFL,” he adds.


Richard Sherman says that though it may be difficult to legislate domestic violence cases because no two cases are the same, it’s not impossible, and because the NFL is inconsistent, it’s confusing to players.


“The reality is that the league says that there is no place for domestic violence in the NFL. Its actions in the most recent cases, however, simply haven’t reflected that. This is just another reason why players don’t have a lot of trust in the league. The league says one thing — like how seriously it takes domestic violence — but when it comes time to act, it does another,” says Sherman.


Richard Sherman makes a lot of other great points while highlighting the double standards and hypocrisy that are present in the league. I wonder if speaking out in this way will get him in trouble with the NFL.


Read Sherman’s entire essay HERE.


What are your thoughts?



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