Richard Sherman Boycotting Local Media For Posting His Home Address

Seahawks star, Richard Sherman, is a bit peeved at local Seattle media after The Seattle Times published the address to his new home. The newspaper did a story on the Super Bowl Champion purchasing the old home of NBA star Jamal Crawford, detailing the features, square footage, price, and apparently the actual address. Since then, Sherman has been bombarded with strange fans hanging around his house waiting for autographs and wanting to hang out. 

I’m with Sherman on this one, that was totally inappropriate of The Seattle Times. While I understand the need to be thorough, they could have written a great piece on Sherman’s new home without including his address. Now a man’s privacy and safety is in harms way and he JUST moved there last week. I feel they owe him an apology but even that wouldn’t be enough. What do you suggest The Seattle Times should do to make this right?

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