Rick Ross Challenges 50 Cent, Says Terry Crews Needs To “Step Up” For The Black Community And Says Kanye West Has To “Clarify Some Things”

Rick Ross says #KanyeWest needs to “clarify some things,” wants #TerryCrews to step up for the Black community and he’s giving a challenge to #50Cent.

West has been in the headlines back-to-back for the past few weeks over his remarks challenging #HarrietTubman’s efforts to free enslaved Black people, as well as revealing personal information about him and his wife #KimKardashian’s initially considering to abort their first child, #NorthWest. Many feel the musician is spearheading multiple publicity stunts. #RickRoss says he wants an explanation from West.

“He had somebody reach out to me last week. I slept through the phone call,” Ross said during an interview with Billboard. ”I just don’t want to drop him on his head yet because it ain’t clear to me what’s going on. I haven’t really did any due diligence, I just see what headlines come across, and we know a lot of that shit inaccurate. So I’m gonna wait for his phone call again and hopefully, I’m up to catch that motherfucker and ask a few questions. He gotta clarify some things, though. It ain’t looking good.” 

While on that same interview, Ross shared his feelings on Crews, who has recently been criticized over his anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric. “When s–t goes down, ain’t no time to explain yourself. You’re either running with us or running from us. That’s what it’s all about,” Ross said. ”It gotta be obvious. Him tiptoeing and moving the way he moves, I’m bringing it to light, and he can take it however he wanna take it, but I ain’t f–king with him.” Ross shared those same feelings about Crews on his latest single “Pinned to the Cross,” in which he raps, “Terry Crews is another c–n who was basically bought.” 

Ross also posed a challenge to 50 after Fif said he wanted to include Ross’ song “B.M.F” in his new Start TV show “Black Mafia Family. Ross says that if 50 stands by one of his Wingstop locations with lemon pepper wings in his hands, he’ll consider clearing the record for usage. But, he didn’t stop there: he also wants 50 to post with a bottle of Belaire. “Tell him to take the picture with the Belaire bottle, hold it up and hold it up high,” Ross added. “When I see it, tell him for the first time, I’m gonna come to his page and like the pic.” Given the two’s previously tension-filled relationship, the challenge might not be so bad.

Would you do it if you were 50?

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