Long Wait Times, Higher Prices: People Want To Know Why They Are Paying So Much For Rideshares Lately

Since the pandemic, the costs for rideshare services have risen substantially, and people want to know why.

Traveling to a destination just 10 minutes away could cost you $20 or more in an Uber or Lyft. If you’re leaving from the airport, you are likely to get hit with an $80 or higher price that could continue to rise in price the longer you wait. And sometimes, even after you select a ride, the ride could reject your selection and offer you a new ride for an even higher price with no option to go back to the original ride and price.

“The rideshare s*** is ridiculous now,” said rideshare passenger John Nichols, who works for Yahoo as a creative producer and director. “You would see me like a ‘Compton Cowboy’ on a horse riding down Sepulveda before I pay 80 bucks for a seven, eight-minute ride,” Nichols said he was offered an $80 ride when he landed at LAX.

And Nichols isn’t the only one experiencing these shocking prices. Several passengers have been reporting long wait times and high prices. According to KCRW, as air travel becomes more in demand, rideshares are alleged struggling with available drivers. “You arrive in LA, you hope you’re going to get a good experience and you’re just waiting. The sun is [setting], and I’m still waiting,” said Tom Napora, who was waiting for an hour at LAX.

Uber and Lyft have both declined on-the-record interviews, according to the news outlet. However, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote a statement on Twitter that read: “Yes, you are probably paying more for rides, but drivers are getting a HIGHER cut of the fare hike.” His comments were in response to an article by the Washington Post.

A spokesperson for Lyft told KCRW in an email the company has “added thousands of drivers in the past few weeks, and it’s already leading to a better rider experience with wait times down more than 15% nationwide,” however; it did not give out any specific stats.

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