Rihanna Addresses Recent Pregnancy Rumors: "Y’all Breed Me Every Year Dammit”

Rihanna Addresses Recent Pregnancy Rumors: “Y’all Breed Me Every Year Dammit”

With everything Rihanna has going on, fans have been relentless with their speculation that the billionaire superstar is also pregnant.

But not so fast! Rihanna addressed the recent rumors that she’s pregnant in a DM response to a follower who asked her directly.

The fan, who uses the social media handle @mis.jaye, posted a screenshot of her very personal (and intrusive) conversation with Rih. “Can I come to the baby shower, sis!? True or not, your babies are going to be beautiful. Sorry everyone’s up in your uterus right now,” Jen wrote.

As one who never shies away from answering her fans, Rihanna responded, “Haaaaa! Stawwwp! You ain’t came to the first 10 baby showers! Y’all breed me every year dammit lol.”

Jen posted their DM exchange on her Instagram with the caption, “Her uterus said, ‘Stay out of my damn business.’ I spit my water out when she said, ‘The first 10 baby showers. Regardless, I’m happy for her either way she’s living life to the fullest! #riri #loveya


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