Rihanna’s Fenty Hair Line To Be Available Soon

Rihanna is without a doubt a billionaire mogul. Between her fashion line, Fenty Beauty, and her skincare line, Fenty Skin, pretty much all she touches becomes a hit (and that doesn’t even include her music). Rihanna’s empire is growing, and her Fenty Hair line will soon be available.

According to new court filings from Roraj Trade, LLC (Rihanna’s company), a trademark for Fenty Hair has been registered. The trademark filings are for hair prep cosmetics, color, hair styling, straightening equipment, and even glitter. Rihanna and her other beauty-related companies haven’t said anything about a soon-to-launch hair care line.

Rihanna recently made history by becoming the first Black woman to own a $1 billion cosmetics company, so expanding into the hair sector seems like a natural next step.

Trademark filings, such as the one released by Rihanna’s company in March, are almost always indicators of a celebrity’s upcoming ventures.

When can fans expect to know more about Rihanna’s Fenty Hair? Only Rihanna knows, but hey, if Rihanna is in charge, you can rest assured that your hair will be in good hands.

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