Road Rage ATV Rider Booked On Attempted Murder Charges

An ATV rider who was caught on camera bashing a car window with a cinder block and punching out a driver after a fender bender incident has been arrested.

According to the New York Post, the ATV driver, Gregory Stevens, was arrested on Friday, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office said.

A clip of the 27-year-old’s brutal road rage went viral this week, leading him to be hit with a slew of charges for two separate incidents. Stevens was charged with attempted murder for the road rage incident. There were also charges of aggravated assault and robbery connected with the February shooting of a pharmacist in an oxycontin pill robbery, authorities said.

Stevens got into an angry encounter after a fender bender with the driver of an SUV. The driver rear-ended Steven’s ATV after he suddenly hit his brakes.

He now faces assault, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and harassment charges.

The clip shows Stevens allegedly smashing the SUV’s windows and slugging the driver. He also reportedly brandished a gun at the driver.


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