That’s Baller: Former Patriots Player Rob Gronkowski Saved His Entire $54 Million NFL Salary

Imagine earning millions of dollars annually as a pro athlete and not spending a dime of it. Well, that’s exactly what Rob Gronkowski, former tight end for the New England Patriots did, and other athletes should definitely follow his lead. 

Gronkowski played with the Patriots for nine seasons, earning three Super Bowl titles throughout his career. While other pro athletes were spending their earnings on houses, cars, and flashy jewelry; Gronkowski chose a different route. Instead of blowing his NFL salary, he decided to live off his endorsements alone and save the rest. In a recent interview, he said, “I’ve just been told throughout, you know, that the NFL is not for long,” and he managed his money according to this philosophy. In 2015, Gronkowski released a book detailing his frugality titled, “Its GOOD to be GRONK.” Now, with the NFL seemingly behind him, he’s become the spokesman for Abacus Health Products, which specializes in CBD based pain relief products. 

Congratulations to Gronkowski for making such a smart financial decision with his future in mind. Hopefully, this becomes a trend for other athletes to follow. 

Gronk Saves Money
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