Rob Kardashian Doesn’t Want Daughter On Blac Chyna’s New Reality Show

Blac Chyna has a bit of an issue regarding filming for her reality show ‘The Real Blac Chyna.’ She won’t be able to feature her daughter Dream…as long as Dream’s father, Rob Kardashian, has anything to do with it.

Rob Kardashian’s lawyer Marty Singer has informed Blac Chyna not to put their 2-year-old daughter on her show after Chyna sent Rob a release for Dream to appear on the Zeus series, but he refuses to sign it. In a letter addressed to Chyna, Singer stated, “Should the Zeus Network proceed with releasing any episodes of the Series or related materials containing Dream’s likeness, it will be acting at its own peril and exposing itself to significant liability.”

Rob and Chyna share joint custody of Dream and Singer says there’s no way Chyna can turn a TV camera on Dream without Rob being on board, and Rob apparently has several reasons for being against his daughter’s inclusion on the show. He (and the rest of the world) have witnessed the drama that surrounds Chyna, with the most recent incident being a fight with her former hairdresser while Dream was in the house in addition to the explosive fight Chyna had with her mother.

Rob’s own personal experience with reality tv also plays a part in his objection. He’s not so glamorous experience on KUWTK has him leary about introducing that life to his young daughter. He doesn’t want her subjected to the long hours, the lights and the drama. 

Do you agree? Would you let your toddler be on a reality show?

Rob Kardashian vs Blac Chyna over custody

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