Rob Kardashian Testifies He Was at His 'Weakest, Worst Point' in Life When He First Started Talking to Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian Testifies He Was at His ‘Weakest, Worst Point’ in Life When He First Started Talking to Blac Chyna

Wednesday, Rob Kardashian took the stand in the trial for the lawsuit filed by his ex Blac Chyna against his family.

Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, questioned the KUWTK alum about his relationship with Chyna and the alleged threats she made against his sister Kylie Jenner before they got into a relationship.

“She threatened to kill her [Kylie]. Like I said, I don’t know the details. I know she threatened my little sister and that’s that,” Rob said, sharing that Chyna threatened Kylie through social media shortly after Kylie began dating Chyna’s ex, Tyga.

Rob and Chyna’s relationship began not too long afterward.

When asked why he began a relationship with Chyna even though she was threatening his little sister, he responded, “I was probably at the worst place in my life, and me reaching out to her I was in my weakest, worst point. I was at the hospital with diabetes and ketoacidosis, and that is when we linked up,” he said. “So, her threatening my sister and all these things and whatnot, she was reaching out to me, and was the one person who brought me in and at my lowest point, I chose to talk to her and ignore all the bad things with my family. I just ignored it.”

Rob also testified that things with Chyna went down the wrong direction rather quickly and that he did not love her when he proposed.

“It wasn’t real love. I had a baby with this girl,” he said.

He also testified about the alleged abuse he received at the hands of Chyna. He claimed Chyna beat him at least five times over the course of their relationship and even threatened him with a gun.

“Looking at it now, I had my gun put to my head by this woman several times,” he said. “That’s a toxic relationship. From day one of filming.”

“Fights and arguing, me sleeping in the car in the driveway, waiting to get into the home,” he added. “Strangling someone, beating someone, that’s not a family. That’s not love to me.”


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