Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant, Who Allegedly Tried to Blackmail Him, Is Now Suing Him

Graham Robinson, the former assistant to “The Irishman” star, Robert De Niro, is suing the actor for gender discrimination and underpaying her.

However, De Niro is singing a completely different tune, alleging that it is really Robinson who is the one at fault. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, 76-year-old De Niro claims she threatened to disclose personal information about him to the public if he failed to meet her list of demands in an email that she sent to him in 2019. In a separate email, she threatened to take things a step further by writing a tell-all that would reveal all of his secrets, though it is unclear exactly what aspect of his life she wished to reveal.

De Niro sued her for misusing the company credit card and time just days after the email for $6 million. This resulted in Robinson countersuing her former boss for overworking and underpaying her during her employment with his company, Canal Productions, Inc. She also claimed to have been subjected to inappropriate sexual comments on a regular basis.

Robinson began working for De Niro as an executive assistant in 2008 when she was 25 years old. She eventually moved up the ranks, earning the title vice president of production and finance. Even with her new position, she said that De Niro tasked her with demeaning work such as tying his shoes, cleaning his apartment, scratching his back, amongst other things, according to Fox News.

To prove her point, Robinson released a voicemail where De Niro can be heard insulting the woman in a message when she did not answer his call. The actor admitted that it was him on the tape. However, dismissed the voicemail as an isolated incident of frustration.

Robert De Niro Is Suing
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