Robin Thicke Calls The Cops On Paula Patton

Robin Thicke Calls The Cops On Paula Patton

If you were expecting things to get any better between Robin Thicke and his ex-wife Paula Patton, you set your expectations a little too high.


Robin and Paula are currently at war over the custody of their 6 year old son Julian. According to Paula, Julian complains that Robin physically abused him on more than one occasion. Paula also suggested that Robin had been using drugs around their child. Robin claims these are lies orchestrated by Paula because she’s upset she was not invited to Alan Thicke’s funeral — who Robin says Paula hated.


On Thursday, a judge sided with Robin by refusing to limit his custody to daytime monitored visits. On Friday, Robin went to Paula’s home to pick up their son with cops in tow. Apparently, Robin told cops at the time that Paula was violating their custody order by not allowing their child to go with him.


Things did not work in Robin’s favor, however. When cops spoke to Julian, he told them that he was afraid of his father and did not want to go with him. The officers said that they cannot force Julian to go with his father, therefore Robin went home empty handed.


I hope, for the sake of their child (who needs both parents in his life), that these two can work out whatever they have going on between them.

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