“Suck My Nuts Robinhood” Banner Flies Over App’s San Francisco HQ

Robinhood’s recent decision to suspend the trading of 50 stocks has inevitably left investors mad. So much so that a small group of investors hired a pilot to send a little message to the company.

On Friday afternoon, a banner reading, “Suck My Nuts Robinhood” soared the San Francisco skies.

Kaspar Povilanskas, an investor involved, tweeted about the scheduled event. “I slid the pilot some extra $$ to circle right above Robinhood’s HQ for a while. Go take some photos, I don’t even live there,” he wrote.

Povilanskas is not the only one protesting. Following Robinhood’s decision, many investors put up billboards and ads.

The free-trading app is now facing a class-action lawsuit and is responsible for “billions of dollars in losses for Wall Street hedge fund titans,”  News Hub reported.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and many others are reportedly “outraged Wall Street bigwigs are grousing about the little guy finally making a killing at their expense,” TMZ wrote.



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