Rudy Giuliani Accused Of Forcing Aide To Give Him Oral Sex
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Rudy Giuliani Pennsylvania Lawsuit Tossed; Possibly Committed Perjury

On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, argued that votes in Pennsylvania should be thrown out after falsely claiming that “widespread national voter fraud” led to Joe Biden winning the presidential election. 

Giuliani argued to the U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann that observers from the Trump campaign weren’t allowed to observe the ballot-counting. If they were, they were told to stand so far away that they could not properly view the ballots, according to the longtime Trump supporter. As part of his argument, he displayed images of election-observing arrangements in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. He claims that this proves that observers were not allowed proper viewing of ballots.

“The best description of this situation is it’s a widespread, nationwide voter fraud,” Giuliani said during his opening statement in the courtroom. “This is a part of the reason I’m here, Your Honor because it is not an isolated case.” 

The former New York City mayor, who was a last-minute addition to the case after two sets of lawyers from Trump’s reelection campaign quit over the past week, argued that Democrat-controlled areas allowed votes to be counted that didn’t follow state requirements.

“It has been not violated in this case — it’s been trashed. It’s been stepped all over. It’s been disregarded here and in some other places in an eerily similar pattern,” Giuliani added. “The places it happened just happened to be big cities controlled by Democrats.”

Mark Aronchick is a lawyer representing several counties that were sued in the case. He called Giuliani’s plea to disqualify 700,000 ballots “disgraceful.” 

“It’s disgraceful that you are being asked to do that.” Aronchick said before outright asking the judge to “dismiss this case.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court shot down Giuliani’s claims that the Trump campaign’s observer’s distance from the votes resulted in wrongdoing. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled that county election officials had the right to determine how far away observers had to be from ballot-counting areas, as long as those observers were allowed in the room while counting was taking place, according to CNBC.

This is just the latest development in the Trump campaign’s dismal legal battle to reverse Joe Biden’s presidential win. While they have continuously claimed that voter fraud is at the center of Biden’s victory, the campaign has yet to provide evidence. 

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