Rules For Bringing Your Significant Other Home For The Holidays

As you’re preparing to spend the holiday with family and friends, it may feel like the perfect time to show off your new boo or take your relationship to the next step by introducing them to the entire family.  While it’s a beautiful thing to want to put your love on display, keep in mind that no one can embarrass you more than your own family. If you already know that certain members of your family are a little overbearing, opinionated, inquisitive, and judgmental, then here are a few tips on how to ensure you and your plus one have a good time.

Keep Your Date Calm- As exciting as it is to introduce them to your family; your S/O likely has some reservations or anxiety about the whole thing. They understand that first impressions are everything and are probably a little nervous, which is understandable. Assure them that everything will be ok, be themselves, and all will go well.

Be Honest- Here’s the thing, you know your family like the back of your hand. You understand their quirks, sarcasm, sense of humor, and trigger points, but your date doesn’t. These days, it’s already hard enough for anyone to agree on much of anything. If there’s a topic that sets anyone on edge, make sure your date is aware, so they can decide if they have the intellectual range to debate or if it’s better for them to steer clear of the conversation altogether.

Be A Good Host- If you tend to have large family gatherings, make sure you introduce your guest to everyone and keep it brief yet polite. If you have a charismatic bae, don’t try to keep them from mingling with your loved ones, but keep a close eye out and stay nearby if they need help out of an awkward conversation.

Relax- It’s natural to want your family to be impressed by and like your new love interest immediately, but it’s not a requirement. A first meeting will be a big deal for you. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be to everyone else. If this is a serious relationship for you, it will take more than a visit at the holidays for your family to decide whether or not they like your guy/girl. For now, go with the flow and enjoy the experience.


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