Rumor Alert: Did Diddy Put The Paws On Drake?

Drake has had a lot of drama surrounding him lately. First he was accused of threatening to harm women, then Tyga called him out (to which he replied by taunting him with pics of the mother of his child and Kylie Jenner), then just a few days ago Chris Brown calls him out for once again sleeping with one of his girlfriends. Well, it’s all fun and games until some one gets hurt because word on the Miami streets is that Club Liv went up on a Sunday and Drake was left with a dislocated shoulder. 

According to several sources who were at LIV last night, a confrontation between Diddy and Drake went down outside of the club. According to Rick Ross’ DJ, Sam Sneaker, Diddy punched Drake (allegedly a three piece) and left. Witnesses also say Drake was taken to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder. Sam Sneaker says that the confrontation was NOT about Cassie but the internet believes otherwise. Comedian Lil Duval confirms that he made the Cassie part of the story up as a joke so I’ll go with Sneaker and Duval on this one. It’ll be interesting to find out why Diddy would punch Drake. Wasn’t it around this time last year when he came for J. Cole? That Diddy reign just won’t let up!

You know who definitely got a kick out of this? Chris Brown, who commented on our post on Instagram calling Drake a snake.

More exclusive details on this to come!

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