Rumor Mill: Which Basketball Wife’s Boyfriend Has A Baby On The Way?

Basketball Wives LA Season 2 is coming and this is the part when prime tea starts getting spilled. People come out of the woodworks just to expose and I’m just here to enjoy it. This tea has to deal with a bit of a love triangle that involves NBA Baller Vernon Macklin. Macklin is a former Detroit Piston but is currently playing overseas in Turkey. According to the VH1 Basketball Wives trailer, he’s also Brooke Bailey’s boyfriend. But here’s the tea…

Disclaimer: We can not confirm 100% accuracy of any info posted. I just gathered this from around the web.

Someone who shall remain anonymous had quite a bit to say about Vernon and the women in his life.

Check it out.

“What does it matter who Vernon is dating or f****g . He is going to do what he wants date who wants anyways. Maria is a known to be a groupie who has slept alot of athletes and celebs. Everyone is surprised she is pregnant by him. she hasnt even been dating him for a year and if she has she has been sleeping around with many other guys for a FACT! thats how she earns her money . You can ask any guy who is from Miami who plays ball or ever been there they will tell you she’s a prostitute. God bless Vernon and her because he will need it having to know his babymother is one of the biggest prostitutes in miami. Lets pray the baby is his and he didnt catch anything from that dirty girl. because she has a son already.

Then you have Brooke that Vernon probably has been sleeping with everytime he goes to LA. shes is like any other groupie unlike Maria shes smart not to get pregnant by a guy she is just sleeping with. she is using a man as a platform to further her career you guys are bashing Brooke but in order for her to show her Dating Vernon on the show he had to approve. It doesnt matter about what girl he is with because he is like any other guy who falls in love on vacation and saves a h*e life

 I can’t wait for BBWLA to air. I know Maria is going to be stressed out looking at that show every week. Her friends calling & sending text messages. Like “Look at your baby daddy” LMFAO I don’t know why y’all are mad at Brooke. He allowed people to joke on his BM. Women always want to be mad at the woman like “their man” is innocent. Seriously you know that this is funny to some & only a few will shed tears. I’m sure Brooke will have a lot to laugh about. LOL”

Who is Maria you ask? She can be found on Twitter @MissSpongey and it is said that she is still very much in communication with Vernon. If you check out her default picture, she is very much pregnant too.

The plot thickens…

Many people are saying that Maria and Brooke are currently together and that his scenes with Brooke may have been filmed sometime last year. Others are testifying that Vernon and Brooke were seen together as little as a week ago in LA. Interesting.

So I’m wondering, do these two women know about each other? Who is Vernon REALLY with and what will we see during the show? Basketball Wives LA may prove to be worth watching after all.

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