Run-DMC Announces Its Final Show: "Run-DMC is Over"

Run-DMC Announces Its Final Show: “Run-DMC is Over”

Run-DMC recently announced its final performance on the heels of its upcoming documentary.
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels broke the news in a recent interview with Rock the Bells, saying the iconic group will play its final live show at Madison Square Garden this spring.

“Run-DMC is over,” he said.  “The only way Run-DMC gets back together is if The Beatles get back together.  Can that happen?”

“The final show that we are ever going to do is going to be at Madison Square Garden in April,” DMC continued.  “It’s going to be the last episode of the documentary we’re doing.  Run-DMC’s last show ever.  ‘Cause, it’s time for Run to go be Paul McCartney and me to be John Lennon.  We done did what we could do.”

DMC continued to hint at other performers who would make an appearance during the homecoming, like Ice-T and the Wu-Tang Clan.

“The show is going to be like The Last Waltz by The Band,” he added.  “We’re doing that movie idea.  You’ll see Ice-T come and do a song with us.  You’ll see Wu-Tang come do a song with us.  Anybody can buy a ticket to the show.”

According to DMC, the documentary will be released through Netflix or the highest bidder for a handsome fee.

“We’re gonna do it with Netflix or to the highest bidder,” he said.  “It’s going to be a live production.  Run-DMC’s doing The Last Waltz at Madison Square Garden.  Who wants to pay $100 million to own it?”

Run-DMC, made up of Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, and the late Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell, first appeared on the music scene in 1983 with the release of their self-titled album.  They are best known for their singles “It’s Tricky” and “It’s Like That.”

The “new school” rappers immediately became household names by expanding their audience by utilizing rock music and combining it with their signature flair.

The group’s influence on Hip Hop culture was cemented in 2016 when they received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

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