Russell Hornsby Signs On As The Lead For ‘The Bone Collector’ Remake

Russell Hornsby is the new face of “Lincoln,” a drama based on the best selling book series and film, “The Bone Collector.”

“The Bone Collector” debuted in 1999 starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie, adapted from the 1997 crime novel of the same name. Now, more than 20 years later, a pilot based on the Jeffery Deaver bestselling novel series is heading to NBC- and Hornsby has been tapped to star.

The storyline delivers suspense and mystery. Lincoln Rhyme is a famed forensic criminologist who dedicated much of his career to capturing a serial killer, the Bone Collector. When an injury became a setback for Rhyme, his hunt came to a halt. Unfortunately, the Bone Collector’s work eventually re-emerges but so does Lincoln’s tenacity. He returns to the field more determined than ever with the help of a young NYPD cop to finally put the terror to rest.

This will be Hornsby’s second airing with the NBC network since crime drama, “Grimm.” Congratulations, Russell!

Russell Hornsby For the Bone Collector
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