Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook Confronts Heckler: ‘Don’t Play With Me’ [Video]

Russell Westbrook found himself in the heat of another argument with another fan. This time, the heckler said he just wants Westbrook to play to his full potential.

Westbrook was clearly frustrated by the heckler’s remarks and checked him. 

In the video, Westbrook repeats, “Don’t play with me.” The heckler responded, “I f*** with you. I just want you to play better. I bet on you every night.”

Westbrook then says that he’s not a little kid. There’s no doubt that the fans have been getting inside the Lakers’ player head. TMZ reports that this was another dispute with a fan. Apparently, he had another one earlier this week. 

This week, he confronted another heckler after fans repeatedly called him “WestBrick.” A term he says is disrespectful to his family. 

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