Russell Wilson Says Being Baby Future’s Stepfather Has Been A Blessing

Ciara and Russell Wilson sat down with GQ to talk about their fairy tale romance and their blended family.

The mega couple, who begin their day praying together, says that they keep the love flowing in their relationship by setting rules regarding how long they can go without being with one another.

“What is it, like ten days that we don’t wanna push past, babe? Ten days when we travel?” Cici asked her hubby, who replied, “When we first met, it was 14 days.” That was before they married in 2016 after a year together. “Then it was ten days. And now it’s no more than seven or five. I don’t know, it may be really five days at this point.”

Since football season is now over, the two get to spend even more time together, which Russell is thankful for.

“We’re just grateful that we get to spend time together every day. Every morning we wake up together, it’s a blessing, and we get to smile from ear to ear and know that ‘You know what? Let’s go. Let’s go do this.’”

Wilson says that he emphasizes communication in his marriage to the platinum-selling artist, comparing it to his career on the field.

“If I don’t communicate to my receiver, he doesn’t know what the play is. It’s like, ‘Uh, hey, what are we doing here?’ It’s probably more significant than that, even, but for us, for me and Ciara, communicating, it’s the same: ‘This week’s going to be a challenging week, babe, because I’ve got this responsibility. What about you? What do you have?’ And at the end of every week, we always go through a checklist of questions of, you know, ‘How’d I love you this week?’ ”

The NFL star began dating Ciara when her son Future was just nine months old. He says that he was happy to step up as a stepfather despite the elder Future’s disdain.

“The reality was that for me, it was a blessing and an opportunity to really hopefully be there for him every day and try to care for him in a way that was important for me, that I always wanted someone to do for me. Like my dad did for me. And so I think the greatest thing that I’ve ever learned in life is probably in that relationship with Future because the reality of being a stepparent is that biologically they’re not necessarily yours, but the reality is that you have to love them as if they are. They’re your own blood, in a way. You get to love them that way. And I think every kid deserves that and needs that and yearns for that.”

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