That’s Baller: Russell Wilson Gifts Seattle Seahawks Offensive Line  $12,000 Worth Of Amazon Stock

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are lavish, extravagant and sometimes out of this world.  Today’s trending topic is brought to you by, the highest paid player in the NFL, Russell Wilson. 

In the aftermath of signing a $140 million, three-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson is taking the term “share the wealth” seriously. He recently gifted $12,000 worth of Amazon stock to each of his 13 offensive linemen to thank them for the role they play in protecting his plays and contributing to his success as a QB.

Each player was given a letter, detailing the intent behind the gesture. “When I sat down to think of ways to honor your dedication a dozen different ideas came to mind. Some were flashy, some were cool, but I wanted to give you something that had a lasting impact. Something that would affect the lives of you, your family, and your children,” Wilson wrote. 

“You have invested in my life… this is my investment into yours.”

Hopefully, this kind gesture starts a trend for people to share their blessings with those who help and contribute to your success no matter how great or how small.

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