Russell Wilson Spends At Least $1 Million a Year On Recovery

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a man who understands that your health is your wealth. He recently sat down for an interview on the Bill Simmons podcast.”Covid thing changes a lot of things in terms of, you know, your worries. And you have to really take care of yourself,” Wilson said.
According to the 31-year-old football player, he has no intention of retiring until his 40s. “I have a full-time performance team. At home, I have a full-time massage therapist and two chefs. My trainer and physical therapist travel with me. I also have a mobility coach who makes sure that I’m moving the right way,” Wilson said.
Apparently, he has had this level of dedication for 5 years. “I’m between 363 and 365, amount of work that we do every day, something around the body working. I’m trying to play until I’m 45, at least. My mentality is that I’m going to do everything I can to take care of myself and that’s such a critical thing because if I feel good I’m going to play well. That’s why I’ve been able to be out on the field every time,” said Wilson
“I probably spend a million if not more a year just on recovery.” He continued.
According to Wilson, having a positive mentality is vital. The quarterback also discussed striving for a championship this year. The Seahawks are currently leading NFC West at 6-1.
“I think we got a chance this year, we just got to stay the course. Every game’s a championship moment. Wilson said.
The Seahawks are scheduled to play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.
Russell Wilson

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