Russell Wilson Talks Quarantine, Foot Rubs For Ciara And More

Russell Wilson Talks Quarantine, Foot Rubs For Ciara And How His Height Made People Doubt His Possibility Of Being Drafted In The NFL: “I’ll Never Forget Hearing That

Russell Wilson sat down with Kevin Hart and opened up about marriage, his career in the NFL, and more. In a perfect world, Wilson says he could go another “13 to 15 years” in the NFL.

The two-time Super Bowl champion is not only a winner on the field, but he’s also won over the hearts of people around the country for his loving and caring relationship with singer wife Ciara. During a virtual interview with Kevin Hart for his Cold as Balls show, Wilson shared how life has been since the beginning of quarantine amid the #coronavirus.

Wilson says his stay-at-home experience has been a combination of doctor visits for Ciara, training, and creative date nights. “It’s been crazy, man. You know Ci is pregnant. So that’s the first thing. We’ve been going to these doctor’s appointments, and I can’t even go in the room sometimes just because of the whole process, so that’s been interesting. But, you know, just been training,” said Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks player then described how some date nights have been since Ciara got pregnant.

“Ci told me early on. She was two months pregnant, right. And it’s Friday night, you know, date night. You know, we trying to, you know, come home the right way. And so anyways, I’m getting all dressed up, ready prepared, you know, everything else. She says, ‘Hey, um, I’ma wear my Uggs.’ And then she says, ‘My feet hurt.” So, I wanted to finish the night strong, so I said, ‘You know what, I’ma rub your feet for the rest of the night,’” explained Wilson.

Wilson went on to discuss how he had the option to play for the NFL and MLB but ended up in the NFL later on down the line. The quarterback added that his height made a lot of people doubt the possibility of him getting drafted. “Small quarterback, chip on you shoulder. Was it or was it not,” Hart asked. “Oh, for sure,” Wilson responded. “I have one memory distinctly of when this happened. So, we go to the Combine. You can’t have nothing. I mean just drawls that’s it. No, no, nothing. And that’s it. I was going to put some socks under these feet. And you know, get a couple of inches,” he said.

“My hair, I had my hair all tall. And I had it all jelled up, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Man I’ma be a good 6’0, 6’1 with this hair.’ Sure enough, I know I measure myself. My true height. I’m like 5’10, 7, and some extra. So anyways, sure enough, this dude measured me 5’10 and a quarter. And I’m like….I was hot,” Wilson continued. “So as I’m walked down. I’m walking down the aisle, right….I’ll never forget this, there was a dude on the right. I ain’t gone say who it is. He said to the guy next to him, he says, ‘Psh, he’ll never make it. He’ll never make it.’ I’ll never forget hearing that in my right ear.”

Wilson explained that it took him some time before he became the Seahawks franchise quarterback. Wilson said that in that moment, all he could think about was the journey it took to get him there and the passing of his father. “I just start thinking about my Dad. I start thinking about all the stuff I’d been through in my life. All the hard work and it all came real. It all came to fruition. Ever since I was young, I always kind of wrote out what was going to happen. I always wrote out my goals. And that gives me direction.”

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