Ryan Anderson’s Girlfriend Hung Herself Because He Hadn’t Proposed Yet?

Earlier TMZ confirmed that Gia Allemand, girlfriend of Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans, hung herself. She died yesterday after a suicide attempt on Monday left her with brain and organ failure. It was reported that Gia had been extremely upset about her rocky relationship with her Ryan Anderson.

Details regarding the “rocky relationship” become more clear as Radar Online reports. 

According to sources close to Gia and Ryan Anderson, the usually happy couple got into their first blowout fight while in Las Vegas together at the end of July which had the former Bachelor Pad star worrying the relationship wasn’t headed to the alter.

“Gia and Ryan were a happy couple. It’s unfair to categorize their relationship as rocky, but in the weeks leading up to her death they did have their first major fight,” the insider exclusively revealed to Radar.

“And because their relationship was so solid for the most part, Gia had expressed her sadness that Ryan hadn’t proposed to her yet, telling friends she was upset over it.”

This is all so sad. One blow out lead to this?

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