Black Ink Crew Chicago Star Ryan Henry’s Best Friend Is Accusing Him Of Sleeping With His Baby Mama

Ryan Henry’s best friend, Anthony Lindsey, is accusing him of sleeping with his baby mama, Nina – while he battled cancer.

Lindsey uploaded a thread on Instagram filled with his feelings, text message exchanges between Nina and Henry, pictures of him with Henry, and the media’s reaction to the scandal.

“This isn’t for a show which everyone seems to think. Nah this is my life. If you know or follow me, you know I hold my son’s mother with the highest regard as well as Ryan. They did this to me while I fought cancer,” Lindsey shared on Instagram.

Lindsey was so distraught that he overdosed.

“Well I’m at my lowest point I’ve ever been in, in my life. I found out last week via my son’s mother text. That her and Ryan my best friend and father to my God son has been fucking each other. Over a year and a half. It took so much of a toll I ended up dosing last week,” Lindsey said in a screenshot on Instagram.

Henry, who is in Las Vegas right now, posted a subliminal message in a video on Instagram that read: “That bitch can fuck me and bruh and we will neva have an issue.”


Ryan Henry Instagram
Ryan Henry Instagram

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