Azealia Banks Calls RZA A “Chump” For Not Defending Her

Azealia Banks

All eyes are on Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe after Banks wrote a Facebook post alleging that the actor spat on her, choked her and hurled racial slurs when she attended his gathering recently. Crowe says he did no such thing, and that it was Banks who had been acting unruly and was escorted out. In fact Crowe said Banks wasn’t even invited to his party, she was a guest of Wu Tang’s RZA, who Crowe says he DID invite.


Azealia Banks tells TMZ that she showed up in the middle of Crowe’s “really boozy party”. She said the men were making jokes but when she made a joke, they tried to “put her in her place.” She says a lot of the male egos were bruised when she fired back with her quick and witty responses to their remarks. According to Azealia, everything was all good when Crowe was ragging on everyone, including her, but when she ragged on him, that’s when he got angry and choked her, spit on her and called her a n*gger.

Here’s where things get tricky. Every witness at the party is siding with Crowe and says Banks was acting erratic and even threatened a guest with a bottle. Keep in mind Azealia Banks was a guest of RZA, a black man. Would RZA really let someone throw the N-word at the person HE invited? Do you think RZA would have stepped in?

“No,” answered Banks. “RZA doesn’t have that much clout. He doesn’t have that much clout in a room full of real, high powered, Hollywood, white men.”

Azealia Banks says when everything was going on, RZA just stood there “like a chump.”

RZA, who’s stayed pretty silent throughout this ordeal was working on closing a business deal with Banks. Apparently he wanted to sign the rapper to his label. Banks says that she has since denied, since RZA did not come to her defense, however RZA says that Banks is “full of it” after the way she acted at Russell Crowe’s party.

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