Same Energy Ladies: Celebrating Fathers Only On Father’s Day

Mother’s Day was a little over a month ago, and we celebrated hard-working mothers that continuously make sacrifices for their family to ensure that they have the best life.

Now, it’s time to recognize those fathers that take care of their responsibilities without hesitation. Contrary to what some women may say, there are some phenomenal fathers out here that have gone above and beyond to make sure their kids have their needs and wants.

Ladies, it doesn’t matter if you have the child full-time or you are not with the father if he takes care of his responsibility, why not show your appreciation.

Every year we see women that want to be recognized for both holidays because of the deadbeat in their lives, but it’s not fair to take away from those that do. Ladies, you would feel hurt and in an uproar if men decided to call out the deadbeat mothers that are in their lives. Let’s be honest, there are deadbeat mothers and fathers out here, but it’s no need to discuss them on a day of showing your appreciation. You had Mother’s Day, and NOT one father said anything about what they do. Let’s give them the same love.

There are some dads that have full custody of their kids and don’t ask to be recognized on Mother’s Day, especially since they are playing both roles. But, because of how their relationship is with the father, you have some women that will be rude and could care less. Well, listen, it’s not your day.

Dads, thank you for all that you do for your children. You are not forgotten. Today is your day, and you deserve to be recognized for your hard work and endless support to your children. Thank you for hanging in there when things get tough and not giving up.

There are so many fathers that actually do what they’re supposed to do, and that’s to provide your kids. Not only do you provide your kids financially, but you are there for the most important moments of your children’s lives. That’s why we are celebrating you today and only you.


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