Exclusive: Sanya Richards-Ross Shares Both Drew Sidora And Ralph Pittman Seem “Really Broken” by Divorce [Video]

Exclusive: Sanya Richards-Ross Shares Both Drew Sidora And Ralph Pittman Seem “Really Broken” by Divorce [Video]

Real Housewives Of Atlanta returns for season 15 and it gets explosive from the first episode. Last season, we saw the ladies get accustomed to a new group dynamic with new faces in Sanya Richards-Ross while one of the OGs returned with Sheree Whitfield gaining her peach back. 

In an interview with Baller Alert, Sanya spoke with us ahead of the show’s premiere and confirmed fans will not only see a new intro but also updated taglines. She revealed that she had two options recorded but isn’t sure which one production chose. 

“There were two options, with one being spicier than the other one so we’ll see which one they go with,” she shared. 

Sanya isn’t only getting into it with her castmates but her family as well. Viewers will see the Olympic champion have a rift between her sister and brother-in-law, who acts as her assistant during the season. 

“What made things different this time with hiring family members is that we’re all living in the same house and that has put a different level of strain on the relationships we didn’t see coming,” she expressed. 

“Aaron felt that the business relationship between me and Tyrell with him as my assistant wasn’t going to work despite us feeling the opposite. It’s really hard when you’re working full-time, living together full-time, being in a city, and both being parents – it was a lot. To be quite honest, he doesn’t last long as my assistant. My sister and I ended up having a huge fight because of something that happened between Tyrell and I. For me, when things cross the line and it starts to cause tension between the house, that’s when we had to revisit and see if it made sense. I was trying to hold on to it, but the fight resulted in the end of partnership but I don’t want to reveal too much.” 

She continues to discuss her frenemy Drew Sidora who is in her now third season this year, and shares that they have a “much needed” conversation, to which she shared Sidora even “owned up” to a few things. 

“Drew and I think we have a much-needed conversation that puts us back in a good place – at least sort of starting from scratch,” she expressed. 

“I’m happy we had that honest conversation and she owned up to some of the things she did wrong because I felt like last season she wasn’t owning up to it. She knew there were things that she did that set our relationship on the wrong track. I’m happy to report that it ends up in a good place and with everything that she has going on now, I’m 100% here for her and praying for her. It’s tough going through a divorce when you have small children – my heart breaks for her right now.” 

When asked if she saw the divorce coming, Sanya shares she “did not.” 

“I didn’t see this coming – I was one of the only housewives at her party that she threw for Ralph like a week or two prior to the news breaking and they seemed perfect,” she began. 

“They were happy, singing, dancing – it was a vibe and there were no cameras so it was very relaxed. When I saw the news, I was surprised – I knew they were going through stuff but I didn’t think they were close to divorce, especially with both of them racing to the courthouse. I spoke to her and Ralph a couple days after and they both seem really broken by it. Ralph and Aaron are very close and what I gather from it, they want their families and wish it didn’t come to this. I feel like neither one of them are willing to give and compromise – until one of them is willing to hear each other out to work on the issues, that’s how you get to this point – it’s like a stalemate. I feel really bad, especially for the children.” 

When asked about her relationship with the group, she shares that she’s the closest to Sheree and Marlo, but also mentions how her and Kenya Moore are great when it’s the two of them, but things change when they are in group dynamics. 

“Kandi and I are close, Drew and I get to a better place – it’s so funny because when it’s me and Kenya, we’re great, but for some reason in the group dynamic, there’s always a bit of tension there between Kenya and I,” she expressed. 

When asked what makes the sudden change, she shares a reason that even she feels, Kenya won’t agree with. 

“She’s not going to agree with me, but I think it’s the fact that Marlo and I are close,” she shared. 

“I don’t think she likes the fact that Marlo and I are so close – not from a catty perspective but like she just doesn’t get it. It’s like she feels like you’re her kind of girl or are you Marlo’s kind of girl and it’s like, I’m me. I’m not gonna have anybody dictate whom I’m friendly with in the group or how I show up in the group so I think that it can sometimes make things awkward when we’re all together. Me and Marlo are cool and that’s my girl – I think that’s what throws us off in the group dynamic sometimes but it is what is.” 


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