Say What?: Jay Ellis Won’t Be Making A Comeback In Season 3 of “Insecure”

(Sighs) I hate to break it to you #TeamLawrence, but it looks like we won’t be seeing him in season 3 of #Insecure.

This past weekend at #InsecureFest #IssaRae got hella real about the direction of Issa’s love life in the upcoming season, and her feelings about fans’ reactions. “No, I don’t care!” Rae said “We want to stay as true to life as possible. They had a great conversation at the end of season two and it was just about like, hey, she’s moving on to Daniel, sometimes we have those conversations. You never see the exes again, and it’s okay! You gotta explore life without Lawrence,” Rae told Vulture.

Rumors that actor #JayEllis wouldn’t be returning started to circle around when he opened up about not having received a call from production in an interview with Angie Martinez. It seems our intuitions were true – not to mention there was no sight of Lawrence in the trailer for the third season. 


Let’s be honest, sometimes that’s how relationships are. You have to let go and never look back, which were feelings of showrunner Prentice Penny. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“We were in the writers room and we were initially talking about, okay, well what is he doing?” said showrunner Prentice Penny. “Well, he’s not in her life right now. It was hard to make stories around that. We just said, well, if he’s not around, he’s not around. Let’s just deal with the reality of what her life is now. Let’s be true to that, when you break up and you have closure.”


But we don’t lose all of Issa’s baes, there’s still Daniel played by Y’lan Noel. Regardless, Penny says fans will get over the change and be happy for Issa. “I think people will be rooting for her like they kind of always do, to make the right choice,” said Penny.


Are we pressed or naw?

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