Say No And You'll See A Person's Real Character

Say “No” And You’ll See A Person’s Real Character

You can say “yes” a thousand times, but the moment you say “no” everything you ever did is out the door.
Many times people are in our lives because of what we do for them. It has nothing to do with a mutual friendship. For example, I’ve been kindhearted my entire life. I get that from my mother. I literally will go without to give it to someone else. And the crazy part is you don’t have to be my friend. You just have to have a need.

My mother would always told me, “that girl isn’t your friend. She is just here for the ride.” Naively I believed otherwise. As I got older, my mom would continue to tell me that about family as well. She always said, “Nik, I see a lot of you in me. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.”
I slowly began to learn what she meant. When I stopped being so free-hearted with my friends, I stopped having friends. I told a chick “no” and we haven’t spoke since 2007. I lost another one in 2009.
I even learned with family, you could give them your last, but if you say “no, this is for me,” you’ll be enemy number one. Family members have fought me because I refused to assist. Some have even stopped talking to me.
It’s entitlement. People feel as though the things you do are obligations. Instead of being appreciative and realizing the good you offered, they are ungrateful. Go broke or say “no,” and you’ll see who is really in your corner.


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