Sean Garrett Recalls Usher Saying “Yeah” Was Going To Ruin His Career

Kenny Burns stays dropping gems on his Instagram Live. With 231K followers on IG alone, his IG bio reads “The Lifestyle Specialist” — a huge inspiration and influence in the entertainment industry as a whole. Just yesterday, Burns went on his Kenny Burns show to interview the legendary D-Nice, dropping gems for all those tuned in.

Today, right after Fabolous checked in, Sean Garrett hops on to chat with Burns. Burns was nothing short of praise when introducing Garrett, claiming him and The Dream are the best songwriters to ever exist in history. Off the rip, Garrett gets into the importance of being patient with God.

The topic today was “Stayed In Play,” highlighting the talents of people who’ve been able to remain relevant for decades. When speaking on the number of Garrett’s #1’s, Garret clarified, “I have 52  #1’s. I have 18 Hot 100 #1’s. I’m the #6 songwriter/producer to get the most #1’s in the shortest amount of time in Billboard history. I have the #14 song of all time on the Greatest Hits Hot 100 list, which is called [Usher’s] ‘Yeah.'”

Garrett then clarifies he’s not a songwriter, he’s a hitmaker. He goes on to praise Burns, who reminds audiences of his role as “the biggest culture creator in our community.” The reason Garrett was so emotional and excited during his battle with The Dream was because he has so many hits he wanted to reveal to the world.

Garrett then recalls a conversation with Usher. “N*ggas don’t understand what ‘Yeah’ did to the world yo,” Garret explained. “I’ma be honest, Usher sent me a video three months ago. He’s sitting at a basketball game at a stadium, while ‘Yeah was playing,’ he said, ‘I need another one of these.’ I said to myself, it took you 13 years to hit me and say that. What’s crazy about Usher — that’s my friend, my brother, I love him so much — he never liked them fucking bombs. He hated ‘Papers.'”

He continues, “What people don’t understand, we write the songs we need at the moment. I remember Usher brushing his fucking beard saying ‘you getting ready to ruin my career with this record [‘Yeah’].  I said ‘no, this is going to change your life!'”

Garret then says he can’t wait for everyone to get to know the real story behind these hits and the struggles he had to go through. He also describes how Johnta Austin is the man who inspired him the most.

Sean Garrett

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