Sean Kingston Gets Sued $912K After Failing To Make Payments on Two Designer Watches
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Sean Kingston Gets Sued for $912K After Failing To Make Payments on Two Designer Watches

Singer Sean Kingston is being sued for $912k for allegedly not paying for two designer watches.

According to The Blast, Dream Watch is suing Kingston for $912,600 after securing $534,000 Richard Mille and a $378,000 Phillippe Calibre.
The company claims the singer had a representative fly the watches from Malaysia to his California home.
In an attempt to buy the watches, Kingston agreed to send the money over by wire transfer.  However, it was declined, and he reported that his account had been frozen.  He stopped contacting the company and ultimately stopped paying.
This isn’t the first time Kingston has been hit with a lawsuit for unpaid luxury items.
In 2014, the Beautiful Girls singer was said to have lost his entire fortune over two cases of unpaid jewelry.  One year later, he was allegedly kidnapped by associates of Avianne Jewelers for failing to pay over $200k.
In 2016,  he was sued for $300k by New York City-based jeweler Aqua Masters for an unpaid jewelry bill that included additional custom pieces.
According to Complex, in 2020, Kingston had a warrant for his arrest for grand theft after he failed to pay another jeweler.

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