Seattle Karen Called Out For Pepper Spraying Fenced Dogs

Seattle Karen Called Out For Seemingly Pepper Spraying Fenced Dogs [Video]

Thanks to social media, A South Park, Seattle Karen has been outed after she was caught on camera spraying a substance on small barking dogs inside a fence.

Last week, a TikTok video showed a woman, now identified as Lauren Bovini (Lauren Morbius on FB), spraying a substance on small dogs barking at her and her dogs through a fence.

When the dog owners saw the video, they immediately searched for the alleged Karen.

Once found, Bovini admitted to allegedly spraying the dogs with “water”  because they were barking at her and interrupting her walk, but the owners weren’t buying it.

“Show me the water,” the owners said, to which she replied, “I’m not, have fun with that”

After the video went viral, social media sprung into action and identified the woman through her Facebook and Instagram accounts before she deleted them.

However, according to TizzyEnt, who reported the incident on TikTok, this may not have been an isolated incident. Weeks before the viral confrontation, Bovini apparently complained about the fence aggressive dogs in the area and suggested using pepper gel instead of spray to protect your dogs from the blowback.

“The number of dogs in the neighborhood that are fence aggressive and held in by flimsy fences freaks me out, especially because they’re often left unattended all houses of the day,” the post read. “I recommend getting pepper gel (instead of the spray, which can blow back at [you] and your dog) for situations like that. Much easier than trying to break up a dog fight.”

Elsewhere, one user pointed out that Bovini also kicked open her fence before because she and her dogs felt “threatened.” Another user suggested calling the police because “she is known among the dog community for causing problems.”

At this time, it remains unclear if the owners will take legal action.


South Park, Seattle. Anyone who is this comfortable doing this animals shouldn’t have animals

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