Self Love is the Best Love

The key to happiness in life is really simple: love yourself… because nothing is more empowering and fulfilling than being unconditionally in love with you. Surprisingly, such a simple action can sometimes be difficult to do especially in a society where being yourself and living your truth is often frowned upon.
Learning to fully love and believe in yourself can be quite the journey. Honestly, the road to self love never truly ends. The good news is that as you grow and take on new experiences everyday, you’ll simultaneously learn and discover new things about yourself which will help you gain more self confidence and in turn, trust yourself. You’ll open the door to be absolutely free and find yourself becoming utterly obsessed with you.
While it’s normal to feel sad or depressed at times, try not to stay there. In fact, it can be healthy to go through these normal human emotions ad you shouldn’t deprive yourself of these natural human feelings. Instead, you should embrace them, experience them and learn from them to help you become the best you. Just know that at the end of your sadness, you deserve love, praise and encouragement. You deserve happiness.
Take the time to appreciate yourself. Take a look at all you’ve accomplished, what you’ve survived and what you’ve been through. Believe that you’re a strong and worthy person who deserves inner peace and appreciation. Experience, dream, seek knowledge and discover the beauty of yourself. Make mistakes and proudly learn from them. Embrace your flaws and imperfections and know that they’re what make you, you.
Love yourself because there’s no one out there that’s quite like you.

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