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”Self-Made” In The Hood Vs. “Self-Made” In Calabasas

Kylie Jenner has built a $900 million empire in less than three years, according to Forbes.

This week, the business magazine unveiled its latest cover story “Forbes Billionaires,” which named Jenner as the “youngest-ever self-made billionaire.” The magazine’s assessment, which was based on Jenner’s cosmetic line, TV programs, and endorsements, later went viral — drawing a hailstorm of criticism on her “self-made” label, mimicking the response to the magazine’s July cover story on the same topic.

Forbes’ assertion also prompted Dictionary.com to tweet a response. “Haven’t we gone over this,”  the online domain tweeted before adding, “Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided.”

And the backlash didn’t stop there.

Many took to Twitter to add their two cents on Jenner’s “self-made” status, highlighting the fact that Jenner grew up in a wealthy, famous family, and used her celebrity to market her new brand. Others even commended Jenner for the accomplishment but slammed Forbes for using the “self-made” label. But why? Is there a difference between “Self-Made” In The Hood Vs. “Self-Made” In Calabasas?

Well for starters, self-made in Calabasas is having access to your parent’s “estimated $100 million-plus” net worth. Self-made in Calabasas is launching a business predicated off the backside of your famous sister’s sex tape and reality show. Self-made in Calabasas is having temporary lip fillers to promote a lip cosmetic kit. Self-made in Calabasas is appropriating and monetizing black culture.

Contrary to the sunny hills of Calabasas, California, the definition of self-made in the hood extends well beyond a Rick Ross (Maybach Music Group) album title. Being self-made comes with an abundance of tenacity, drive, perseverance, and a sheer will to defy all odds with limited resources. Self-made in the hood is a man straight outta Compton, who would later sell his headphone company to Apple for $3 billion (Dr. Dre). Self-made in the hood is a woman being born into poverty who would later go on to revolutionize the media landscape (Oprah Winfrey). Self-made in the hood is overcoming systemic discrimination and oppression as a minority to becoming a local business owner and community leader. Tell us #BallerNation, what is the difference between “Self-Made” In The Hood Vs. “Self-Made” In Calabasas? Leave your comments below.

Is Kylie Jenner Self Made

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