Sen. John Kennedy Says People Who Want To Defund The Police Should ‘Call A Crackhead’ The Next Time They’re In Trouble

Sen. John Kennedy has a message for the people calling for the defunding of police: “Next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead.”

The police force has been wreaking havoc on the Black community and other communities of color for years. The recent killings of Black people, including Daunte Wright, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and more have ignited a push for the police force’s defunding. During a sit-down with Fox News Primetime on Tuesday, Kennedy said he doesn’t believe the United States has a race problem.

“Here’s my perspective: Unlike some of my colleagues, I do not believe that America is a racist nation,” said Kennedy. “We are not perfect, but I think we are good. We have racists in our country, just like everyplace else. There are people in our country, there are people all over the world, that are going to judge you and not like you because of the color of your skin. There are others who are going to judge me, think they know everything they need to know about me, because of the color of my skin, but I don’t think that’s most Americans and I don’t think that’s most cops in America.”

He then said that the U.S. needs the police force and told anyone who believes differently to call a “crackhead” the next time they are in need of help.

“Without order, there is no justice. We can’t have a society without order, and we have decided to hire law enforcement officials to maintain order. We hire Whites, Blacks, Browns, men, and women to maintain order. Many of our law enforcement agencies are majority-minority. If you decide, just like you want to judge someone solely by the color of the skin, if you want to make a pejorative judgment about a cop — I’ll put it this way: If you hate cops just because they are cops, you don’t know a thing about them. The next time you get in trouble call a crackhead.”

Lastly, Kennedy shared how he thinks crime can drop amongst youths, but he specified Black American kids in particular.
“I can give you two things we can do to reduce the crime rate among all demographic groups, but especially among African-American youths. Number one, we are sending two million of our young people to schools that are failure factories. If I were king for a day, here is what I would do: I would turn to all of the parents of our kids below a certain socioeconomic level, of all races, and I’d say, ‘Here is the money that the state is putting up to pay for the school you are going to. I’m giving you the money, not the school. Use it anywhere you want to. You want to go to a charter school, go. You want to go to a private school, here’s the money.'”

He continued: “We have to have more freedom of choice and more competition in education. Number two, family formation. Nobody wants to talk about it. I’m not saying a single parent can’t be a good mom or dad, but a child who grows up in a single-parent family is six times more likely to grow up in poverty than a child that grows up in a two-parent family. And that is just a fact.”


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