Senate Warns Ticketmaster Ahead of Beyoncé's Tour Tickets Sale: "We're Watching"

Senate Warns Ticketmaster Ahead of Beyoncé’s Tour Tickets Sale: “We’re Watching”

After fans tried to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s tour using Ticketmaster and were deceived, the Senate has been watching the ticket sales platform, especially now for Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” world tour.

Ticketmaster could possibly be on the road to redemption if the entertainment company keeps the Beyhive happy.

On Wednesday, Beyoncé announced she would go on a world tour for her latest album, which is also up for Album of the Year at Sunday’s Grammys. The “Heated” singer is using Ticketmaster to distribute tickets to fans, and many are scared.  However, the Senate just announced that the ticket company should actually be afraid.

Senate Judiciary Committee warned Ticketmaster, “We’re watching,” in a tweet.

After the Taylor Swift meltdown, Ticketmaster and Live Nation faced major backlash for canceling the presale tickets 48 hours later after technical problems.

Ticketmaster canceled the presale due to “extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand.” However, many fans complained they could not secure tickets to Swift’s Eras tour, claiming bots and people were buying the tickets for resale at ridiculous prices, which ended up being true after Ticketmaster confirmed that bots were at least partially responsible for the crash.

According to Ticketmaster, demand for the “Renaissance” tour is expected to be high. To keep up with demand, the company plans to prioritize fans using Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan System, allowing fans to register for a group.  However, registration does not guarantee tickets to the tour.

Be prepared for war to get your hands on Beyoncé tickets. The worldwide tour starts May 10 in Stockholm, Sweeden, concluding September 27 in New Orleans, Lousiana.

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