Miguel A. Núñez Reveals "Juwanna Mann" Sequel Is In The Works

Miguel A. Núñez Reveals “Juwanna Mann” Sequel Is In The Works

2002 hit romantic comedy-drama Juwanna Mann is getting a part two.

The film’s star Miguel A. Núñez recently spoke to TMZ about the potential of bringing back the beloved movie, despite the numerous social changes. He expressed that not only is a reboot feasible, but also…”We’re going to do it.”

Although he couldn’t reveal any plot details yet, the 58-year-old acknowledged that making a sequel to the film directed by Jesse Vaughan was a complex endeavor for various reasons. One of which is due to his character being essentially “exposed.”

When asked, Núñez expressed complete confidence that the LGBTQ community and WNBA players would welcome the upcoming project.

“They did the first one; they will definitely do [it] with this one,” he added.

Núñez will be part of the cast for the new movie, but unlike the previous film, he won’t be playing basketball on the court. Additionally, the film will feature several WNBA players making cameos, and even Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has expressed interest in being part of the project.

For those who may recall, the plot of Juwanna Mann revolves around Jamal Jeffries, a shamed basketball athlete who devises a scheme to make a comeback in professional basketball, even if it means joining the women’s league. Though he becomes a standout player in the league, his troubles begin when he falls for the team captain, portrayed by Vivica A. Fox.

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