Serial 'Jogger Rapist' Scheduled To Be Released At End Of Year After Serving 36 Years
Richard Gillmore

Serial ‘Jogger Rapist’ Scheduled To Be Released At End Of Year After Serving 36 Years

An Oregon serial rapist will be released from a maximum security prison in mid-December after serving nearly 36 years behind bars.

Richard Gillmore was arrested in 1986 and dubbed the “jogger rapist” because he staked out his victims as he ran by their homes. He admitted to raping nine girls in the Portland area in the 1970s and 80. However, Gillmore was only convicted in one case due to the statute of limitations. In 1987, a jury found him guilty of raping 13-year-old Tiffany Edens, his last known victim, in December 1986.

Edens has publicly addressed her case and recently wrote on social media that she received a voicemail late this summer from the state’s Victim Information and Notification Service telling her of his impending release.

“I have been slowly processing the reality of it all,” she wrote.

Gillmore will be 63 at the time of his release in December, PEOPLE reported.

He will remain under supervision until 2034 and could be sent back to prison if he violates his parole, KOIN initially confirmed.

A judge in the minor’s case sentenced Gillmore to at least 30 years in prison with a 60-year maximum. But in 1988, a parole board cut his sentence in half.

Danielle Tudor, who said Gillmore raped her when she was a teenager, has spoken out against his release.

“If he had been able to have been charged for all the rapes he committed, he’d never be getting out,” Tudor told KOIN.

Gillmore has been listed as a sex offender at the lowest risk of reoffending. Although he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, his classification means the state and county will not require him to notify surrounding residents that he’s living near them.

The decision not to classify him as a high-risk offender angered his victims.

The Oregonian reported that Tudor said she didn’t understand why Gillmore was able to be released as a low-level sex offender.

“He was designated as a dangerous offender at trial,” Tudor said.

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