Seriously, When Did Men Become So Useless?

Daily, women are being told that we are not like our mothers and grandmothers. Men complain that the black woman of today is not submissive enough. She doesn’t cook enough, nor does she clean. Worst of all, she doesn’t submit to sex at the whim of her man.

Well Men of America, have you ever stopped to think that maybe it’s you and not me? While we’re on the subject on how bad the modern woman is, can we talk about the new age man? Do you remember the days where if something was broken in your house your Dad would break out his tool box and fix it. What happened to that man? The new age man can’t fix anything. You know how I know? I’ve asked. Do these new age men even own a tool box? How can you complain about a woman’s lack of enthusiasm in regards to cooking when you can’t even use a hammer. If you can’t even fix small things around the house, you’re nothing more than an added child to our existing family. Frankly, if I didn’t personally squeeze you out of my womb, I don’t need you as a child.

Of course, I could spend some money and hire someone to come fix whatever is broken but honestly I shouldn’t have to. My mother never had to spend money on a repair man so why should I. That’s one of the simple duties that a man has. We need him to protect us, provide for us and to fix some sh-t when it breaks. If you can’t do those three simple things, what purpose do you truly serve?

Some may say I’m being a bit extreme but look at it my way — if we continue to let men get away with not being men, we’re encouraging their useless behavior. Everyday men tell us what we’re doing wrong but we hardly ever tell them what their faults are. It’s because we accept their behavior. We’ve already accepted that chivalry is dead  and that men refuse to be faithful. One thing I won’t accept is having to call a handyman to replace a light bulb. What if we are driving down the road and a tire blows out. Do I have to call AAA to change my flat tire or should the man in my life be able to save the day? There are way too many how to videos on Youtube for men to not know how to do simple things. These days the new age man is more versed on the different types of Jordans than handy work, mowing the lawn or taking out the trash. God help me as I go put together my furniture.

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