Seven Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Are Connected To Wisconsin’s Elections

Seven Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Are Connected To Wisconsin’s April Elections

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Milwaukee health officials have confirmed that at least seven individuals have been diagnosed with the coronavirus after attending Wisconsin’s primary election on April 7.

Many people in America have raised concerns about citizens casting in-person votes, as it could put voters at risk for contracting the coronavirus. Among those diagnosed are one poll employee and six voters.

According to Reuters, the office of Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik confirmed that almost 200 voting locations, which consisted of hour-long voting lines, took place in Milwaukee during the primary election.

One health official said, ”The number of election-related infections could grow as the 14-day incubation period ends on Wednesday.”

Before the election, Democratic Governor Tony Evers attempted to have the election delayed or votes converted into ballots that would have to be mailed in but was denied by the courts. Instead, the courts saw fit to agree with a GOP-led state legislature, which argued for in-person voting.

U.S. Congress Democrats have made attempts to implement the use of mailed voting, early voting, as well as automatic voter registration for November’s general election in fear of the coronavirus. But, they too, have been met with resistance as many Republicans, including Donald Trump, are against the idea. Trump believes such voting is dangerous because it could lead to cheating.

In other states such as Ohio and Kansas, in-person voting has either been canceled or set to be cast mostly by mail.⠀⠀⠀

As of now, there is currently no word on whether November’s general election will stay as is or be somewhat altered in order to protect citizens from the coronavirus.

Wisconsin Voters Get Cornavirus

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