Seven Things To Do On New Year’s Eve Instead Of Going Out

Seven Things To Do On New Year’s Eve Instead Of Going Out

Between the insane cover charges for nightclubs, freezing cold weather or uncomfortable heels— Maybe you plan on laying low for New Year’s Eve. We got you covered. We compiled a list of fun New Years Eve activities you can do to kick off 2019 right. 

1. Host A Game Night. Invite some friends over for drinks, snacks, and games! Baller Alert’s Cards for the Culture is guaranteed to get things interesting, or playing cards are a solid place to start. Let the games begin. 

2. Start A 2019 Schedule & Set Long-Term Goals. Don’t walk into the new year ill prepared. Take some time for yourself and sit down and set some measurable goals. If your targets are financial, try a money saving app and track your progress. Creating a schedule will help you plan your responsibilities, keeping you one step ahead.

3. Binge Watch A Series You’ve Been Eyeing. Grab a warm blanket and your favorite snack, you’re not leaving the house today. Ozark, Black Mirror, Sharp Objects, re-watch Power? Drama-filled reality tv shows are also top of the list. 

4. EAT GOOD! This is self-explanatory. Treat yo self. Invite some guests over and try your hand at a new recipe. Even better, find a good restaurant to order in for you and all your friends. 

5. Begin A New Book. Knowledge is power. Learn something new. Expand your vocabulary and jump-start those creative juices. 

6. Make A Gym Schedule. Plan how you’re going to get fit this year. Don’t wait, now is the perfect time to get started on those summer body goals. 

7. Revamp your home. Picture how you want your apartment or home to look and Pinterest away! Conceptualize new ideas and bring your place to life. (Clean it first, of course.)

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