Several Arrested, Peace Officer Assaulted During Yucaipa Black Lives Matter Protest

Several people have been arrested following a Black Lives Matter protest in San Bernardino County, California, which ended with a deputy being assaulted.

The protest which attracted nearly 280 people, both Black Lives Matter protesters and counter-protesters took place on Saturday and quickly erupted into chaos after the opposing groups gathered on both sides of Yucaipa Boulevard near Fifth Street around 5 p.m. Protesters then illegally blocked traffic and began walking in the middle of the street, according to the department. Deputies then proceeded to close the road after the opposing groups created a “volatile situation” amid the street blockage. The crowd was also ordered to disperse, which reportedly did not go over well.

According to reports, officers were nearly struck when an erratically moving vehicle drove through the closed street. Authorities arrested three occupants, Gilbert Nunez, Michael Nunez, and driver Andres Medina. They then discovered a hammer and “makeshift weapons” inside the vehicle, though law enforcement did not elaborate on what those weapons were. All three were booked for felony charges at West Valley Detention Center, and among the charges was assault on a Peace Officer with a deadly weapon, who was injured during the arrests. Another reckless driver, Sylvia Anguiano, was also arrested for doing circles in the closed roadway with her juvenile son in the car.

In addition, authorities say that they also arrested Mayra Grajeda, Crystal Duarte, Tobias Walnofer, and Daniel Garris for failing to disperse.

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