Relationships are very dynamic. Making them work requires working on “The 3 C’s” . Commitment, Communication, and Consistency. While working on “The 3 C’s”, there are certain habits & behaviors that people should avoid to keep the relationship fun & long lasting. This week, we will discuss 5 common mistakes that women make in a relationship. We’ll discuss the mistakes men make next week (probably more than 5).

Cling On
Like women, men also like attention. What men don’t appreciate is a woman who is constantly up under him. Even after you become his, give him a reason to chase you. Give him time to miss you. You want to be by his side but not his luggage. Give him some room while enjoying some “me” time.

It is human nature to become complacent when you’re in a good position. Ladies, you need to avoid that inclination when you’re in a relationship. When he met you, your hair was flowing down your back, Bobbi Brown lip-gloss was glistening, and you were consistent on your P90X program. Now when he sees you, your hair is under a wrap, mud mask covers your face, & you’ve been requesting an extra biscuit at Popeye’s (Don’t forget the jelly). Your mother probably told you this: “What ever you did to get the man, you should do to keep the man”.

In Sports, playing out of position will get you embarrassed and on the wrong side of a highlight on Sportscenter. When you’re in a relationship, you’re on a team. Everyone on the team has a role to play. Know your role, stay within that role, and play it well. Overstepping boundaries can cause tension between you two. Let him play his role, and stay within yours.

C.S.I. Girlfriend
With the amount of infidelity going on, it is difficult to trust anyone. However, it is detrimental to the relationship to search for signs of infidelity. If the signs are there, discuss it and ask questions. But in no circumstance should you go looking for clues (i.e. going through his phone, checking emails, spying on his social networking sites).

Keysha Said
The biggest mistake women make is taking advice from their single girlfriend. When was the last time she was in a relationship? Why hasn’t she been able to keep a man? Following her advice could earn you an annual pass to ladies night. You might also have to invest in some batteries. Some of the best advice you can follow is your own intuition. When you are unsure, get advice from someone who has been there and/or who has a successful relationship. Never take advice from someone who has repeated relationship failures.

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