Shake Shack Debuts New Fall-Themed Shakes

Shake Shack Debuts New Fall-Themed Shakes, Including An Apple Cider Donut Shake

Shake Shack has finally unveiled its Fall milkshake offerings, and it was well worth the wait.

The milkshake connoisseur has introduced three amazing new flavors for the warm and cozy season. For starters, the Pumpkin Patch Shake lives up to its name. Very much the GOAT of milkshakes, this beauty is made using pumpkin purée, the signature vanilla frozen custard, and nutmeg, topped with candied pumpkin seeds and whipped cream. Next up is the Apple Cider Donut Shake. Now, while this flavor may raise some eyebrows, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. This unique shake consists of hand-spun apple cider donut frozen custard, topped with savory cinnamon donut crunch and whipped cream for a taste that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Lastly, we have the Choco Salted Toffee Shake, perfect for the world’s chocolate lovers. With a frozen chocolate custard as the base and salted toffee sauce blended in, prepare for your taste buds to have a blast, especially with the chocolate toffee sprinkles adding a final touch.

Shake Shack may have some of the best milkshakes known to mankind, but customers should not get attached to any specialty flavors. Shake Shack mixes up its milkshake offering every six months to keep things interesting. Therefore, there’s a good chance that your favorite shake may eventually disappear. The introduction of the new shakes has sadly replaced two other fan favorites, the Oreo Funnel Cake Shake and Chocolate Churro Shake, which arrived last May

All three milkshakes are available now at Shake Shacks locations nationwide, starting at only $6.09.`

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