Shannon Sharpe Weighs in on Cam Newton’s Viral Altercation
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Shannon Sharpe Was Inspired by Charles Barkley and Michael Strahan to Pursue Media Career

Having a background in sports doesn’t guarantee success in the multimedia world. It can be a highly competitive and challenging field, and many former athletes may struggle to maintain a long-term career due to a lack of the necessary mindset and approach. Some may make the mistake of applying the same approach to the media industry as they did to their sport, which is not always the best strategy.

On a recent episode of his show with Chad Johnson, ‘NightCap,’ Shannon Sharpe spoke on how former players and colleagues inspired him to become even better at his second career. He says Charles Barkley and Michael Strahan were two of his biggest motivators early on. 

When I saw Charles Barkley could be himself, could talk with the dialect that he had, was unapologetically not afraid to make fun of himself, I said, ‘I could do that.’ I’ve got just as good a sense of humor, I could tell stories, I can do that,” Sharpe told Johnson when speaking on what inspires him.

When Sharpe first began on the CBS network, there were a few tweets and social media reactions to his strong southern dialect. He never let that discourage him from continuing to work on camera and improve as well. 

Michael Strahan was another HBCU graduate and an NFL Hall of Famer like Sharpe who has found success in multimedia journalism that is not always immersive around sports.

 “I see Michael Strahan on Good Morning America, I see Stephen A. doing what he’s doing, I said, ‘I could do that.’  I just wanted someone to give me the opportunity,” Sharpe said. “Be prepared when the opportunity presents itself.”

Sharpe has shown that he can take advantage of opportunities that have been presented to him since leaving FOX show Undisputed with Skip Bayless. Joining forces with Stephen A Smith seems to possibly be the successor of the show as well. He has his own podcast, Club Shay Shay and the Nightcap show with Chad Johnson on the Volume network. 

Sharpe is an inspiring story and has shown multiple athletes that they have the ability to chase their dreams on camera during or after they’re done playing as well. He is a man who has learned a lot from his journey so far and has found a level of peace and joy in being able to succeed and continue to progress in his career. 

“I don’t need a lot of love, I just need love from the people that I love. I don’t need the world to love me,” Sharpe told Johnson. Check out the video below from the latest episode of their show. 

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