Shannon Sharpe Weighs in on Cam Newton’s Viral Altercation
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Shannon Sharpe Weighs in on Cam Newton’s Viral Altercation: “Y’all Think That’s Cute. It’s Not” [Video]

Cam Newton’s success with his 7-on-7 football team and events have garnered great press. This variation of football during the off-season, which doesn’t require helmets and pads, is a great opportunity for young players to gain exposure and establish their brand. Cam has been a pioneer in this field, creating multiple opportunities for his players and other teams to be seen.

However, over the weekend, a group of individuals tried to jump the former NFL MVP at his camp in Atlanta. Cam wasn’t fazed, taking on the attackers one by one. Shannon Sharpe expressed his disbelief about the situation on his show, Nightcap, last night, discussing the disrespect shown towards Cam at his own hometown event.

“I’ll tell you what I never seen. Peyton and Eli [Manning] been having a camp for 20 something years. You ain’t never seen no kids be disrespectful to Peyton and Eli,” Sharpe told Chad Johnson.

Sharpe continued to mention that black people, particularly these kids and some parents, think that arguing with someone who played a sport at a high level will bring you validation.

“It’s us cause we think it’s cute. ‘Man I went out there, I told Cam to shut up. I told him he was trash. I told him he was garbage.’”

He continued, “Y’all think that’s cute. It’s not. It’s not. It’s embarrassing. It’s really embarrassing that someone takes time out their day, out of their schedule, of their life and try to give back. And you disrespect him, ungrateful. Like I told you Ocho Cam way better then me.”

This isn’t the first time Cam has experienced disrespect as part of these tournaments. Three years ago, at Newton’s camp in North Carolina, a kid challenged him and told him he was a free agent. Cam responded that he was rich and was trying to gauge what the kid was trying to get from the argument.

Check out the clip of Sharpe below.

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